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Independent Tour Vacations

From the East Coast to Eastern Europe and Little Italy to the Italian countryside, Cosmos helps travelers travel more often.

Cosmos designs tours for Travelers with a capital T: Those people who love to get out and get away. People who want to see and experience the world. Our goal – a pledge – to them is to make their favorite pastime an affordable reality.

We invite dreamers to become doers. Cosmos helps people travel internationally at domestic prices and domestically with international flare. We turn travel dreams into reality.

We understand that many travelers would prefer another day in Paris to a chocolate on their pillow. Thats why Cosmos creates vacation packages with hotels, transportation and sightseeing for about $100 day – less than a night out at home might cost – and much less than travelers could book on their own.

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We offer our travelers more time to explore the world by ensuring they won't have to spend valuable time figuring things out. We get them there (From Britain to Turkey; Atlantic Canada to Hawaii) and make it easy to become acclimated and immersed in foreign cities and local cultures for as low as $79 a day.

Not only do we give travelers the chance to vacation anywhere in the world more often, thanks to the value we offer, expert Tour Directors give our travelers interesting insight and stories that bring meaning to the locations they visit.

Cosmos empowers travelers to save money while building a bank of unforgettable memories.

Choice and Personalization; Inclusion and Value.

Cos•mos: "A complete, orderly and harmonious system." Traveling with a Cosmos Cosmos is far easier – and more "harmonious, complete and orderly" than going it alone. And, best of all, our travelers can personalize their getaway thanks to well-designed itineraries that combine "must-see" sights with significant time (40 percent) to explore interests and passions on their own.

Cosmos tour packages offer travelers included sightseeing and a choice of optional excursions; many included meals plus the freedom to indulge in local fare on a whim; a dynamic blend of transportation (we make getting there part of the fun) as well as clean and comfortable pre-selected hotels.

Since inventing the budget vacation more than 40 years ago, Cosmos has refined the concept of low-cost travel packages. Today, we offer travelers more than 100 vacation packages, to nearly every corner of the world, at the best value. And, nine in 10 travelers think we're doing worldwide getaways right, saying weve met or exceeded their expectations. (Courtesy Cosmos)

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