The Bahamas

The Bahamas

The instant your toes touch the sand and your eyes admire the water, you'll know you're in The Islands of The Bahamas. This extraordinary paradise will give you a sense of comfort, ease, peace, and belonging. You will find a phenomenal place within yourself as you depart from your everyday life and arrive at your dream vacation paradise.

Starting at about 50 miles from the coast of Florida are the 700 Islands of the Bahamas freckled over 100,000 square miles of ocean. The Islands of the Bahamas are like no other place on Earth, where the clearest water in the world gives you visibility of up to 200 feet, making it easy to see your toes as well as the world's third largest barrier reef. A new adventure is found at every turn on this archipelago, an ecological oasis featuring 2,000 miraculous islands and cays, where the activities vary on land as much as in the water.

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Nassau and Paradise Islands offers an authentic blend of international beauty and tropical tranquility, the unique island pair gives you the freedom to do everything or nothing at all. On The Grand Bahama Island you can look forward to a memorable mix of historic delight, modern charm, and ecological wonderment; the warm welcome you receive will convince you to come again and again. And don't forget the Out Islands; these hidden gems come in a form of small secluded villages and a simple way of life. Here you'll find some of the world's most breathtaking beaches, dive spots, and fishing sites; a perfect mix of leisure and adventure.

Do you need a place to stay? No problem. Whatever your budget or preference is, there's a variety of hotels that will fit your wants and needs, so you will have no trouble finding the best place for a good night's rest.

Also, the Out Islands offer over 55 world-class resorts and boutique hotels that appeal to true explorers of the Caribbean. The Out Islands will bring you back to life by engaging you in the natural environment, offering the world's finest snorkeling, diving, fishing kayaking, nature hiking, flying, golfing, bird-watching, boating, and sailing all at your fingertips. These are the Bahamas Out Islands and there is one that's perfect for you; just pick and explore and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Are you looking for the perfect place for your dream wedding and/or honeymoon? Look no further! The Bahamians love weddings, the declaration of love, and the gathering of friends and family. To the people of the Islands, it is more than a special occasion; it's a celebration.

We invite you to explore and endeavor all of the islands. With one step the beauty of each unique island will seize your hearts and expand your imagination far beyond the natural wonders. The faces of the Bahamian people, the unique sounds of the rich culture, the warm hospitality of their heritage and spirited history, will make you feel like you are home at last.

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