Bermuda Vacations

Bermuda Vacations

The people of Bermuda are thrilled to share the unique beauty and vibrant culture of our island paradise with you. Here you will find everything you need to plan your ideal Bermuda vacation: from information on our world-class hotels and resorts to the latest airfare specials and vacation packages. So start planning your perfect escape to the other side of the world right around the corner.

It only feels like a million miles away

Many people mistakenly believe our island is part of the Caribbean. In fact, we rest hundreds of miles north of the Bahamas in an astoundingly beautiful stretch of the Atlantic. A mere 1046KM / 650MI east of North Carolina, flights from New York and other eastern US cities reach our shores in less than two hours.

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Our time zone is Atlantic Time, or one hour ahead of New York and four hours behind London
Our island is an overseas territory of the UK
All of Bermuda fits in a cosy 53.7SQ KM / 20.7SQ MI
We boast 120KM / 75MI of dramatic coastline

Sublime, to put it simply

Extraordinarily pleasant weather and a distinctive islandscape make us love our island wholeheartedly. We know you will love it too.

Even though we speak of Bermuda as our "island," it is in fact composed of approximately 180 islands, linked by bridges, and divided into nine picturesque parishes. But all of our islands feature spectacular beaches, lush vegetation and unique wildlife.

Did you know

Bermuda's whistling tree frogs once appeared on our postage stamps
The Town of St. George, a World Heritage site, is the oldest English-speaking colonial town still in existence
Rainfall generates our island's only supply of fresh water

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